About Bee

I am pleased to see that you’re interested in learning more about me. I am Berenike Plumhoff, a passionate writer, creative mind, and a person with way too many ideas in my head to ever accomplish all I want. I guess that’s what prioritising was invented for. So, my private priorities are writing, learning Finnish, and practising the piano in regular episodes to not lose all the skills I worked hard for.

Currently, I am working as a freelance German teacher and editor in Tampere (Finland). I enjoy my work as a teacher a lot, as it allows me to do something useful every day so that other people have an easier time living or working in Germany or other German-speaking countries. Before being a freelancer I was an editor for textbooks in Germany. I already did a lot of assistant work for editors before this, so I am well acquainted with the field of work. I enjoy the daily engagements with texts, including planning, proofreading, writing, and obviously also editing. Therefore, I am happy that I can continue in that line of work in Finland.

Up until January 2022, I studied literature (German and anglophone literature). I am less of a Schiller, Goethe and more of a Hoffmann, (Octavia) Butler, Fantasy kind of person. That is also the reason why I analysed the representation of racism in contemporary Fantasy literature in my master’s thesis.

Furthermore, I studied instrumental pedagogy from 2012 to 2016. I am therefore a studied recorder and piano teacher. After two years of working as mainly a recorder teacher next to my music studies, I decided that music is more of a creative hobby to me (or a beautiful tool when I work on audio or video content). I still enjoy playing my instruments a lot. These days, however, I practice less baroque or classical music. Although, Chopin sticks with me due to a deep love for his Nocturnes. Mostly though, I practice computer game music, e.g., Hollow Knight. Since my studies of instrumental pedagogy ended, I also self-taught myself a little bit of Cajon, and tried out playing the guitar.

After reading a little bit about myself, I encourage you to let me know if you have any questions about me or the jobs I have had – maybe you’re interested to hear more about life as an editor? Or what studying music can be like? What are those frightful entrance examinations and are they really so difficult? Drop me a line, I’ll try to help you as best as I can with the knowledge I have.

Publications (only German publications so far):

  • Braschoß, Marvin, Berenike Plumhoff and Melanie Wilke. „Kanon in der universitären Bildung.Projekt: Kanon. Beiträge, edited by Nils Gelker und Manuel Zink, Wehrhahn Verlag, 2021, pp. 133-147.
  • Plumhoff, Berenike. „Eine Begegnung von Fantasy und Black Lives Matter. Wie Berenike Plumhoff ihre Begeisterung für TOMI ADEYEMIS Bücher entwickelte.“ Die Entdeckung Amerikas, edited by Holger Reichard und Karsten Weyershausen, Verlag Andreas Reiffer, 2021, pp. 184-197.