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The plane lands with a rough bounce, my heart lands with anticipation. Its fast beats s l o w d o w n t h e w o r l d a r o u n d m e. D i d i t a l w a y s t a k e s o l  o n  g f o r e v e  r  y  b  o   d   y t   o l   e   a   v   e t    h    e p     l     a      n      e? I walk fast once I am out. Quickly, I hurry past a woman, past a father with his child, past a very important business man, until I am finally at the border control. Moi! I say and smile. The luggage takes ages to appear… a blue one… a big one… a clearly heavy one… no more space for stickers on that one… a red one… a grey one – finally! I hurry down the last little bit, the doors open – there! The smile that greets me reaches his eyes lock with mine, two grins, a few steps and finally, the embrace. He guides me outside more grins, a touch to make sure the other one…

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Rakastan sinua were not the first words ||: I learned :|| Finnish swear words at first. But they are the reason for thinking for dreaming for planning together. Zu dir oder zu mir? was not the question ||: I asked :|| to go on adventures in Glaswegian parks. But it is what we ask now when thinking when dreaming when planning together. Suomi or Deutschland? cannot be chosen ||: both :|| are dependant on who finds work where first. But one of us will move for thinking for dreaming for planning while living together. You or me? is the question ||: we ponder :|| who will be moving. I do not care as long as we eat we sleep we are together. So, let us imagine I move to you.