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I’m standing here inside the station so pleasantly surprised by you. I listen and I find elation. It’s gone, the state of feeling blue. For every mood you are conveyer, my unexpected old-time friend, now serving here for every player professionals – true and pretend. The station sounds quite fascinating when they play you as they please piano – forte alternating switching through the different keys. It makes me yearn for the sensation of fingers touching carnished wood, to fill the air with sweet temptation, to have my soul feel understood. And yet the time is oh so fleeting, I really should be on my way, but one more song – No! I’m retreating. I shall return another day.

The plane lands with a rough bounce, my heart lands with anticipation. Its fast beats s l o w d o w n t h e w o r l d a r o u n d m e. D i d i t a l w a y s t a k e s o l  o n  g f o r e v e  r  y  b  o   d   y t   o l   e   a   v   e t    h    e p     l     a      n      e? I walk fast once I am out. Quickly, I hurry past a woman, past a father with his child, past a very important business man, until I am finally at the border control. Moi! I say and smile. The luggage takes ages to appear… a blue one… a big one… a clearly heavy one… no more space for stickers on that one… a red one… a grey one – finally! I hurry down the last little bit, the doors open – there! The smile that greets me reaches his eyes lock with mine, two grins, a few steps and finally, the embrace. He guides me outside more grins, a touch to make sure the other one…

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Rakastan sinua were not the first words ||: I learned :|| Finnish swear words at first. But they are the reason for thinking for dreaming for planning together. Zu dir oder zu mir? was not the question ||: I asked :|| to go on adventures in Glaswegian parks. But it is what we ask now when thinking when dreaming when planning together. Suomi or Deutschland? cannot be chosen ||: both :|| are dependant on who finds work where first. But one of us will move for thinking for dreaming for planning while living together. You or me? is the question ||: we ponder :|| who will be moving. I do not care as long as we eat we sleep we are together. So, let us imagine I move to you.

I fold memories of London in the summer, heat in streets, musicals, museums, and mornings waking up to Roy singing Mona, to my family eating breakfast, to my father going to work while we have holidays. I lay the folded shirt from London in a box. I lay books next to it, remembering the hours and hours I spent reading Funke and Moers, reading Mayer and Marzi. A man in a dragon costume lies to rest next to an evil Dornröschen. Nytti looks up at me, ready to go back to Suomi as I close the box. I wrap mugs into paper to keep the memory of my cousin and me in the Thorpe Park, of my friends and me playing Carcassonne safe. I tuck my recorders in their bags. Their wood reminds me of hours spent in small rooms at university with music in my head, with friends by…

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If I had it in my power, I would get the moon for you after just a normal shower in a day or maybe two. Because it is just like your smile shining brighter than a star, and just like you for still a while it lives so very far. But the moon is too important to let me live my life with you because it’s there for all the constant movement on our planet, too. So I leave it at its place and admire all its light up there with the stars in space to think of you at night.