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Rakastan sinua were not the first words ||: I learned :|| Finnish swear words at first. But they are the reason for thinking for dreaming for planning together. Zu dir oder zu mir? was not the question ||: I asked :|| to go on adventures in Glaswegian parks. But it is what we ask now when thinking when dreaming when planning together. Suomi or Deutschland? cannot be chosen ||: both :|| are dependant on who finds work where first. But one of us will move for thinking for dreaming for planning while living together. You or me? is the question ||: we ponder :|| who will be moving. I do not care as long as we eat we sleep we are together. So, let us imagine I move to you.

If I had it in my power, I would get the moon for you after just a normal shower in a day or maybe two. Because it is just like your smile shining brighter than a star, and just like you for still a while it lives so very far. But the moon is too important to let me live my life with you because it’s there for all the constant movement on our planet, too. So I leave it at its place and admire all its light up there with the stars in space to think of you at night.